Twin Crimson Blades

The blades of fate shall run red with your essence.

Twin Crimson Blades [Twin]


Welcome to [Twin] a Guild aimed to help people succeed and enjoy their gaming experience with our gaming community. We are a PvX Guild and we offer our knowledge and experience to whatever it is that people need. My name is Pete [Anrothan Aimhirghin] and I am a Co-Creator/Leader of the Guild. The Guild was started by Randy on Guild Wars 1 and his dream was to make a guild that does not discriminate against new players.  With Hard work of constant farming, this dream of his was finally made in GW1 and was a successful guild until the Wayfarer Event of August 24th, 2012! 

We have since expanded our name in various other games such as WoW, Warframe, PoE, Guild wars 2, and most recently TERA along with many other games.  

We offer a helping hand to anyone who is willing to help all the "Noobs" and Nubs of the game and extend a helping hand to anyone who is willing to work with us.

Special Privileges

The main focus in any of the games we are involved in is to help everyone who needs help. It has been our Guild's premise for almost 10 years. The privileges vary from game to game so depending on the game, just make sure you talk to a Game Rep to find more details


With the new FREE expansion of TERA: Fate of Arun, we decided to give it a shot and we are loving it. We are currently 150+ members and still have the same Guild motto. If you can not get in contact with us, please Apply to the guild by:
Press ESC, click on the Social Menu [3rd from right icon that looks like a shield], hoover down to the shield, and click on Guilds on Server.  Once there, type in "Twin" and we should be on the 1st page. You can see the Guild Crest next to it so it should be easy.

See you there :)


We will be going to Aranzeb for the official release, specifically east faction. The guilds main focus is to create a trade ship and trade cart to expedite our income for gear and farms. For more info on this, please PM me through the "Contact Us" link at the top, or via STEAM to Anrothan.

Due to the EPIC failure of Archeage, I have disbanded the guild on AA and moved on to other better games.

Guild Wars 1

Unfortunately, we have disabled and disbanded the Guild Wars 1 guild due to everyone either leaving or becoming inactive since the release of GW2. We are sorry to inform that we will no longer have and maintain this guild.  Sorry!

Guild Wars 2

We are still heavily active on GW2. Although I have placed my main focus on AA, message Dante Deathbloom for an invite. Little side note, we do have rank VI on all upgrades in the guild and have roughly 10-30 people on at all times of the day/night. We use C3 for voip. For more info, please PM Dante.


We are still active on Warframe, but have shifted emphasis on TERA. We still have a few people on daily and they are always looking around in Global chat. Just ask to speak to a [Twin] rep. or add Glowwy or Umie.