Twin Crimson Blades

The blades of fate shall run red with your essence.


About the guild...

  1. Does the guild have a requierment?

    Yes, have fun playing the game and help out when ever possible. We are based on helping eachother out so dont be scared to ask anyone fror help. Also we ask to help when ever possible.

  2. How many members do you have?

    Does it really matter? I believe the question you are asking is if it is an active guild? Then your answer is yes. However, we do have members from diffrent timezones and we do have married adults as well. Guild activity all relies on yourself as a member.

  3. Does the guild do PvP?

    We do have several members that do. The guild is based on PvX and we like to do what we can to have fun. However, if you need assistance, make sure to PM Brett and he can help you out.

  4. How is the guild structured or does it have a chain of command?

    The guild is simple.. we have members and we have officers. Everyone enters the guild and are given respected rights with the ranks. We do NOT have penalties for inactive members. We all have lives outside of this gaming community and we like to maintain and keep them. Just play responsibly and do not neglect your loved ones.

  5. Im new and need gear, can I get free stuff?

    No. We do not give to people who beg for gear. It gets really annoying and is not polite to beg. However, we have monthly or weekly events where items can be given away for free. There has also been Cash prizes!!!

    Even though we dont give stuff, we could help you get gear by leading u the right way to farm, mf, or whatever you want to call it. The best way to get items is help people and rando greens do drop!!!

  6. How often do you do dungeon runs?

    Runs all depend on time really. If any runner is busy, then I am sure that they will specify more in-game. Otherwise, soon there will be a schedual posting on days on which certain dungeons will be ran. Keep an eye out for the schedualed events.

  7. Who is the "Main" leader of the guild?

    Well.. this question is hard. It was an idea from Randy [Wishful Sins] and we financed the guild mostly, but I assume command most of the time. However, we do have a few members who have shown loyalty and have earned their place amongst our leaders such as Brett.

    Promotions will be given on a basis of helping members and outstanding achievements. Please do not ask for promotions and dont beg. Help out as often as possible and it will not go unnoticed. 

  8. If i leave guild, can I come back?

    Yes... and No!

    We have had a few members leave the guild and join other guilds... it happends! lol

    We welcome you back no problem..

    So if you plan to leave for a few days to join a guild, go ahead. Just make sure you dont disgrace us in the process ;)

  9. What is the "Ideal" member?

    An ideal member for the guild is one that is willing to learn and willing to help. We welcome all people and do not discriminate.

  10. Is the site mandatory?

    Na, not really.

    This site is just to catch the peoples eyes and to let them know who we are.  I never did like haveing to be forced to sign up anywhere. It is all preferance and there are game forums we can all ask questions for. 

    So, no, site registration is not required at all.

  11. Why "Twin Crimson Blades?"

    Randy came up with that.

    What he told me was that it was a guild he commanded in WoW (World of Warcraft) and that when he left it, he always wanted to remake it in GWs.

    MY story is this:

    It was based on the basic premis of symmetry. A warrior with a shield and a sword, an assasin with his duel daggers, a caster with an offhand and a scepter. Everything revolves on 2 things; Strength or Skill and Defense. This was the result of "Twin."

    Crimson... the color of life, and also the color of death. without it we have nothing, no adrenaline rushing through our veins to either swing that sword, shield our body, or aim that staff towards our foes and enemies. Crimson, a bold statement that stands out beyond a crown of white. We are all made of it and we shall live with it no matter what exterior color we posses.

    Blades.. an instrument to pierce the exterior shield we call skin. An object that helps us shield death when we gain that courage to stand up and fight for the right.. or for the wrong. Without it, we have no purpose in life and no meaning. The means of our survival and the instrument of our destruction.

    Yea.. kinda dark and poetic but you cant tell me it sounds nice! lol

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